Organic Visibility

Online interaction is a fundamental way for your audience to interface with your brand on a regular basis. We assess your current digital presence and identify key focus areas, with an emphasis on content consistency, authenticity, and audience engagement. We identify the crucial platforms for reaching your market and chart a course for creating uniform and integrated content, assuring that your digital presence is unique, united, and up to date.

Think of SEO as the hashtags you would use on a social media platform such as Instagram. For example, if I take a photo of my dog, the hashtags I would use are #doggy, #puppy, #bordercollie, and #pup.

Since we tagged the photo, Instagram now knows what category to associate the photo with. When someone searches “dog,” your picture will be in the feed. By incorporating SEO into your website, we use keywords to define your website. We then connect it with search browsers like Google so your SEO site is displayed first when people are searching for something that you offer.


Google is Important!

More than 90% of users tend to search for a product or service on Google rather than using engines like Bing, and Yahoo in order to get the correct information. If your SEO is not managed correctly for Google, then you may not be maximizing potential traffic.